1.5 oz Silicone Shot Glass


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Elevate your cheers with our vibrant and unbreakable shot glasses, adding an extra spark to your next chin-chin moment with Silipint. Whether traveling, hitting the slopes, lounging by the water, or simply in the kitchen, these colorful shot glasses are ready to serve goodness whenever the mood strikes. They double as the perfect bottle topper, ensuring your drinks stay sealed and fresh until you’re ready to pour. With our shot glasses in hand, every moment becomes a celebration. Cheers to unforgettable memories and endless fun! Features: The connected lid ensures you’ll never lose it The built-in utensil holder cuts down on misplaced spoons and forks The passive vent system allows you to microwave your food without fear of explosions or splatter safely. Benefits: Unbreakable Super-Usable Food-Grade Sustainable Non-Toxic BPA Free Shatterproof Dent-proof Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe Freezer Safe


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