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G4 De Madera Reposado Tequila is a special, limited edition release honoring Dia de Los Muertos with 5,000 hand-numbered bottles of uniquely made tequila presented in specially made coffin boxes with three unique combinations of badges on their tops.

This is the first-ever aged tequila fully fermented in wood from El Pandillo and the Reposado expression of last year’s “Blanco Tequila of the Year,” G4 de Madera Blanco.

G4 is crafted using enhanced traditional methods, and Felipe knows that the fermentation process is where the magic happens, de Madera is fully fermented in new Pine Wood tanks vs. steel.

This imparts a great deal of unique flavors into the tequila.

Add to the wood-fermentation the use of well water in this expression and seven months of aging in G4’s nearly ancient George Dickel American whiskey barrels.

The layers of complexity in this G4 are entirely unique and highly complex.

“Felipe has dreamed of a Special Release G4 for Dia de Los Muertos for almost a decade, with this Reposado he finally had something that he felt was worthy of such a special occasion and the Pandillo team built this unique coffin presentation to make something truly truly special.”

Tasting Notes: Semi-sweet barrel notes.  Roasted agave with white pepper and spices. Loooong, soft, finish.



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