Harmless Harvest Coconut Smoothie


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Who knew that one simple ingredient could create something so rich, so creamy, and so incredibly satisfying? Driven by our commitment to doing less harm, more good, we created Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Smoothies. Like all our amazing products, we start with fragrant and tasty, young, Certified Organic and Fair Trade Nam Hom Coconuts harvested in Thailand. Wanting to waste no part of this amazing fruit, we decided to blend the whole thing (Well, everything except the shell. That would be crazy. And hairy.)! The result is a creamy, dreamy source of good hydration and electrolytes to keep you fueled throughout your busy life. If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting fresh coconut meat, allow us to paint a picture: The meat from our young Nam Hom coconuts is chewy but tender; and a succulent blend of sweet and delicate flavors. When blended with the refreshing, crisp coconut water inside, the result is an impossibly creamy and decadent drink. Blended to smooth perfection, with the just-sweet-enough taste of fresh coconut, some of our friends have even compared it to a milkshake in a bottle! But with zero added sugar or weirdness, it’s a completely Vegan, and Certified Organic ‘milkshake’ you can drink guilt-free any day of the week. In a perfect world we’d all have time to blend our own nutritious smoothies every day, but the reality is life gets busy, and nothing kills a nourishing smoothie buzz faster than a detailed blender clean-up. By offering Organic Coconut Smoothies, we’ve eliminated the dirty work completely and given you back some precious morning time without sacrificing your blended breakfast. If you’re an over-achievers and insist on making your own daily smoothie, try adding ours to your go-to recipe for some smoothie-on-smoothie action. You’ll get a deliciously creamy coconut base, plus a dash of MCTs, which can help keep you feeling full in addition to being a source of energy. As a potential added bonus, one study showed that MCTs may reduce lactate buildup (athletes, listen up!).  Perfectly portioned in our 10oz 100% rPET bottles*, you can take our smoothies wherever you need a satisfying snack. Pack them in school lunches to help keep your littles fueled and hydrated, add it to your favorite smoothie recipe, or try it as a cocktail mixer! Pop one in your gym bag for a post-yoga refuel, and stash some in the office fridge for a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up when the 3PM sleepies hit. They’re a perfect start to a busy day, or a mid-morning sip when you need a little something to hold you over before lunch. But honestly, they’re so delicious and convenient you won’t need a reason or occasion to indulge!


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