Miles Gin 750ml


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Gentle pine and juniper on the nose. Sedate and very traditional with a hint of ethanol.

On the palate, harsh at first. There’s juniper with a pine-forward side, a lemon candy note and an astringent, drying finish.

The first thing you notice sipping Miles’ Gin neat is that it’s a bit of harshness and heat. The base spirit if thin and acerbic. Pine notes come on mid-palate, suggesting classic juniper. There’s a citrus note that follows in short order, but it’s a bit artificial in character. Suggestive of an accord lemon and lime skittles; MIles Gin has a bit of that fake citrus flavor.

Miles Gin is a bit sour and harsh on the finish. It’s very astringent and it dries out your palate quickly. Especially so for a 40% ABV gin.


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