Modelo Chelada Especial Mexican Import Flavored Beer 3.5% ABV Can – 24 Fl. Oz.


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Modelo Chelada Especial Mexican Import Flavored Beer is a michelada-style beer that brings to life the vibrancy of Mexico. Crafted with authentic Mexican beer and the classic flavors of tomato, salt, and lime, this Modelo beer is smooth and well-balanced. Served in ready-to-drink, 24 oz single beer cans, this chelada beer with lime and other savory flavors has 144 calories* per 12 oz serving, or 288 calories per 24 oz can. A cerveza with refreshing taste and authenticity, this michelada beer embodies the lively Mexican spirit. Modelo Chelada Beer offers a fun, invigorating flavor experience, making it a great way to kickstart the evening or the weekend. *Per 12 fl. oz. serving of average analysis: Calories 144, Carbs 17.5 grams, Protein 1.6 grams, Fat 0 grams. Drink responsibly. Modelo Chelada® Especial Flavored Beer. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL
  • Modelo beer with savory tomato, salt, and lime flavors
  • Cerveza that tastes great with Latin food or on its own with a spiced rim and lime wedge
  • Perfectly balanced import beer
  • Classic chelada beer brewed in Mexico and rooted in Mexican culinary tradition
  • Michelada beer offering an invigorating flavored beer experience, perfect for kickstarting the evening or weekend


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