Old Elk Blended Bourbon Infinity Blend 2023 111.15 proof 750ml


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On the nose, this is all warm, gooey caramel and vanilla bean up front, with lots of candied citrus immediately accessible as well. It smells quite sweet and inviting, though there are hints there of the wheat whiskey in the blend–a little doughy malt and breadiness that begins to emerge once you’re looking for it. The effect is like toasted white bread with cinnamon sugar and orange marmalade, met by the richness of creme brulee. I’m also getting a faint, delicate pepperiness, while ethanol is fairly restrained for the proof point. The overall effect is pretty luxuriant and rich.

On the palate, the first thing one notes here is the really lovely, full mouthfeel, which brings a silky smooth texture to play. This is a flavorful eruption of warm caramel and especially juicy orange citrus, with traces of gingerbread and toasted malt syrup. Residual sweetness is moderate to high, giving this quite a decadent or luxurious feel, balanced somewhat by gentle cardamom earthiness and pepper spice, and gentle oak that is easily overlooked. It certainly hides its ABV well, and projects a sense of warm fuzziness, like a thick sweater. There’s a bit of the wheat whiskey breadiness here on the palate as well, but there’s enough maturity in the overall blend for the caramelized sugars to really steal the show. Overall, it’s a tad on the desserty side, but very satisfying.”


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