Penelope 15 year Founder’s Reserve American Light Whiskey 15year 750ml


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Penelope 15 Year Founder’s Reserve American Light Whiskey stands as a distinguished second release in the Founders Reserve series. This exceptional spirit is a collection of American Light Whiskey barrels, carefully selected for their quality and age. Distilled from corn at Seagrams Indiana in 2008, it has been aged for 15 years in second-fill oak barrels, a process that imparts depth and complexity to the whiskey.

Whiskey Facts:

  • Type & Proof: American Light Whiskey, 128.4 proof, ensuring a robust and intense flavor.
  • Non Chill-Filtered: This method retains more of the natural oils and flavors from the grains, contributing to the whiskey’s rich and full-bodied character.
  • Process: The whiskey’s journey begins with its distillation from corn in 2008, followed by a patient aging process in second-fill oak barrels. These barrels lend the whiskey its unique flavor nuances without overpowering its natural qualities.
  • Age: At 15 years old, this whiskey has matured gracefully, developing a range of subtle yet distinct flavors over time.
  • Mash Bills: Comprised of 99% Corn and 1% Malted Barley, this mash bill is indicative of a light, sweet profile typical of American Light Whiskeys, with the malted barley adding a touch of complexity to the blend.

The Penelope 15 Year Founder’s Reserve American Light Whiskey reveals a symphony of flavors. Its savory vanilla notes are the forefront of the tasting experience, enriched by a hint of cinnamon and the sweet, burnt sugar notes of crème brûlée. The high proof (128.4) ensures a bold and impactful taste, while the non chill-filtered process maintains the whiskey’s authentic and unadulterated flavor profile.


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