Rauburn Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County


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Comfortable exploring the great outdoors. She taught me to appreciate
natures gifts, but “to leave well enough alone”. We take the same approach
when making wine, a task made easier because we select grapes from
Sonoma County’s finest vineyards and carefully bring our wines to life.”
VINIFICATION: We harvested our grapes once they attained brix levels
between 24°- 25° and the fruit was most flavorful and mildly acidic. The
grapes were picked during the cool early morning hours and delivered to
the winery where they were sorted, de-stemmed and cold soaked for four
days prior to fermentation. During primary fermentation, three daily pump
overs are done, a technique that creates more supple wines with greater
aging ability and fewer bitter tannins. Finally, the wine was racked into
French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and 12 months of aging.
VINTAGE: In a year best described as a “cold start to a warm, fast finish,”
reports from throughout Sonoma County indicate that the harvest was a little
early, the grape yield appears to be slightly lighter to average yet the 2021 crop
will be viewed as an excellent vintage.
WINEMAKER NOTES: Expressive Cabernet with juicy fruit notes, fine
tannins and a muscular mid-palate. Layered flavors of plums, dark cherry and
vanilla. Expect a long and balanced finish.


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