Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc


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Around the cool shallow waters of New Zealand live the most unique and beautiful species of abalone (Paua). These native creatures have been revered by an ancient cultures and in modern times alike for their brilliant iridescent shells, considered to have the widest color spectrum of any abalone in the world. They can produce a stunning pearl, which is a true rarity and treasure of New Zealand. This Sauvignon Blanc is full of fresh aromas and flavors of citrus, passion fruit and grassy notes. Its medium body and crisp acidity allows it to pair well with a variety of dishes including summer salads, spicy Asian cuisine of grilled fish & seafood. – A Winesellers, Ltd. Selection. Sustainable winegrowing. Alc. 13% by vol. Imported and bottled by Sea Pearl, Healdsburg, CA. Wine of New Zealand. 


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