Whip Shots Vodka Infused Vanilla Whipped Cream 200ml


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Stimulate the palate with sweet vanilla notes in decadent whipped cream infused with ultra-premium vodka.

  • Natural flavors
  • Shelf-stable, no need to refrigerate
  • 10% alcohol by volume

We have three words for you. Vodka. Whipped. Cream. Sounds like a deliciously decadent time, right? Oh, and it’s being brought to you by none other than luxurious queen Cardi B.

Whipshots is here to add a playful shot of sophistication to your night or let you just get straight-up luxurious AF. 

Available in three flavors—vanilla, caramel, and mocha—Whipshots come in sleek, stylish cans that travel well. Indulge your curiosity and follow Whipshots on social for all the delicious details, along with exclusive Cardi content.


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