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ANGOSTURA Aromatic Bitters is an essential ingredient, adding harmonious balance to contemporary cocktails and spirit-free beverages as well as the classics like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Pink Gin, Sazerac and much more. Recognized as the world’s first and best-selling cocktail bitters, ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters is still made with the same secret recipe developed in 1824. It is reddish-brown in hue with an aromatic bouquet of herbs, fruits and spices on the nose, stemming from the essence’s powerful mix of botanicals. Used by professional bartenders and aspiring mixologists, aromatic bitters completes any cocktail bitters set. ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters is an artfully balanced, versatile and unique flavor enhancer that can be used in sweet and savory cocktails, baked goods and other food recipes.
  • One 4 FL oz (118 ml) bottle of ANGOSTURA Aromatic Bitters, Cocktail Bitters
  • Number one selling bitters brand (Drinks International Annual Brand Report 2021) – First developed in 1824, ANGOSTURA is in a class of its own and this bottle of ANGOSTURA Aromatic Bitters is a must-have for any kitchen or home bar
  • Premium ingredients, exceptional taste – ANGOSTURA bitters are made with premium, high quality ingredients and come from a secret recipe that has delivered cocktail bitters with unparalleled taste and sophistication for nearly two centuries
  • Best loved bitters – Developed in 1824, ANGOSTURA is in a class of its own and aromatic bitters is a must-have for any kitchen or home bar
  • Up your cocktail mixer game – Perfect for mixology, ANGOSTURA bitters pairs well with bourbon, whiskey, rye, gin or rum and is an essential ingredient for a Manhattan, Martini, an Old Fashioned and other classic cocktails to enhance flavors


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