Austin Cocktail Ruby Red Grapefruit Lime and Mint 4pk


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Austin Cocktails Fred’s Sparkling Ruby Red Vodka Canned Cocktail is a pre-batched artisanal mixed drink with an incredibly light and refreshing grapefruit flavor. This vodka cocktail is an ode to Grandpa Fred, a down-to-earth farmer with a contagious, effervescent charm, and the grandfather of Austin Cocktails’ founders, sisters, and Texas natives, Kelly and Jill. Made in small batches with quality ingredients, including 5x-distilled vodka; luscious, aromatic, ruby red grapefruit; juicy lime; crisp mint; golden, organic agave nectar; and a splash of seltzer water, this gluten-free craft cocktail has a never-too-sweet, refreshingly tart, complex flavor with a sparkling twist. With these ready made mixed drinks’ convenience and on-the-go portability, Austin Cocktails canned vodka drinks are sure to be a big hit at backyard BBQs, picnics, cocktail parties, or poolside gatherings! Each 250 mL can in this mixed drink 4 pack pours two 4-oz* vodka cocktails at 12.5% alcohol by volume. For best taste of this canned seltzer cocktail, serve well-chilled or poured over ice in your favorite cocktail glasses. Like the city that inspired them, Austin Cocktails are creative, authentic, and full of natural flavor. *Per 1.5 fl. oz. serving of average analysis: Calories 39, Carbs 2.5 grams, Protein 0 grams, Fat 0 grams. Drink Responsibly. Austin Cocktails™ Fred’s Ruby Red Cocktail, Vodka with natural flavors and colored with vegetable juice, 12.5% alc/vol.


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