Bricco Mollea Langhe Nebbiolo


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The Bricco Mollea ‘Vurei di Massimo Martinelli’ is made from
Nebbiolo grown in the softer, sandier side of La Morra and from
Vicoforte in the southernmost tip of Langhe Region, at the foot of the
Maritime Alps. Old vines dominate both vineyards and Massimo’s
regenerative farming approach helps the vines explore and express
these extreme locations.
Fermentation takes place mostly in concrete tanks and lasts around
10-12 days. The wine undergoes its malolactic fermentation in
concrete as well where it ages for six months before bottling. Simple,
unadulterated winemaking.
Langhe Nebbiolo is a pleasurable and approachable wine that offers
plenty of varietal purity. Clarity of the Nebbiolo grape shines
through with its classic aromas of forest berry, white licorice, and
dusty earth. The wine offers everything you look for in Langhe
Nebbiolo: informality, elegance, and personality…which kind of
describes Massimo himself.


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