Coconut Cashew SuperMix


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Immerse yourself into a tropical oasis with Sprouted Coconut Cashew SuperMix!  

Our NEW Sol-ti SuperMix is a SuperFood Trail Mix that is Sprouted & Activated. Sprouting boosts bioavailable protein, anti-oxidants and amino acids in nuts & seeds while sprouting also reduces anti-nutrients like phytic acid – making SuperMix easier to digest and absorb – for tasty sustained energy! 

Sprouted Coconut Cashew SuperMix is made with the highest quality SuperFoods – a medley of Sprouted Cashews, Dates, Coconut and Sunflower Seeds – a tropical indulgence. Coconut Cashew has incredible flavor and delicate crunchy texture derived from natural SuperFood seasonings and ingredients – that deliver an impressive 6g of Protein per serving for sustained energy at any time of the day! 

Let Yourself Shine® with Sol-ti SuperMix – a Line of SuperSnax™ by Sol-ti


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