Don Fulano Tequila 20th Anniversary Anejo


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Mark a milestone in the world of tequila with Don Fulano’s 20th Anniversary Anejo Reserva. This exceptional offering, aged for a sumptuous three years, is a grand celebration of the distillery’s two-decade commitment to excellence. The bouquet of Don Fulano 20th Anniversary Anejo Reserva invites with an enchanting blend of baked agave, dried fruits, and vanilla. On the palate, it reveals layers of sweet caramel, ripe figs, cooked agave, orange blossom, prune, cardamom. The finish is majestic, leaving a lingering impression of an earthy sweet agave and rich oak. Born at the prestigious La Tequileña distillery in Jalisco’s highland region, this 20th Anniversary Anejo Reserva is a manifestation of Don Fulano’s dedication to traditional tequila crafting. Made from 100% estate-grown blue agave and aged in French oak, it’s a richly rewarding sip that stands as a testament to 20 years of tradition and innovation.


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