Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Batch C923)


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The bourbon opens with a beautiful sangria bouquet that is anchored by a dense oak scent. An acute red raspberry scent stands out the most, but it’s the aroma’s layers of red wine soaked fruits of blueberry, lime, plum, and nectarines that truly elevates this nose like few others. It’s love at first whiff, as the mix of fruit, thick heavy caramel, and charred oak combine to a near-flawless effect.

An upsurge of rich charred oak hits fast and has a strong fiery grip. As it holds, molasses combined with brown sugar do their part to effectively tame the sip. It is the inclusion of warm brownies that carries this bourbon to the finish line and it beautifully caps it off in an enthusiastic embrace. The finish’s dark sweet flavors combined with a receding emphasis on heat works incredibly well as the bourbon reaches its coda.


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