Mascota Tequila Reposado (Black Collar) 750ml Bulldog


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Mascota Tequila Reposado is made from the finest 100% blue weber agave, is twice distilled and aged for 9 months in American Oak Barrels, which adds a sophisticated nuance to the flavor of the drink. The liquid is given a unique micro-oxygenation process that injects tiny air bubbles into the agave distillate, which further purifies its clean, rich flavor.

Tasting Notes Golden, straw color. Subtle nose of light wood and agave. Rich flavorful taste of baked agave, vanilla and light barrel notes that don’t overpower. A very elegant reposado with a long finish. Age: 9 months in American Oak Barrels.

Mascota Tequila • Mascota Tequila is woman owned and women operated.

• Distillery; Vinos y Licores Azteca, NOM #1533.

• Master Distiller: Melly Barajas

• Mascota Tequila Reposado is 80 Proof / 40% ABV and is additive and diffuser free.

• Arrives with a custom doghouse display box.


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