Michter’s 10 year Single Barrel Bourbon


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Mature in age and truly exceptional in quality, Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon has earned its place as an enduring favorite of the most discerning whiskey connoisseurs. Collected, bottled and handled with the utmost care, it is the product of years of patient aging in newly charred white oak barrels. The Best American Whiskey according to Food & Wine magazine, our 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon represents the culmination of over a decade of patient aging in specially chosen, new charred American white oak barrels.

With its deep amber color, lavish aromatics and flavors of caramel, butterscotch, dark chocolate and exotic spices, Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the whiskey connoisseur’s whiskey.


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