Perfect Hydration PH Alkaline Water 1 liter


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Perfect Hydration is a brand of alkaline water that has a pH level of 9.5 or higher. The water is purified through a nine-stage process to remove toxins and chemicals. It’s then ionized and balanced with electrolyte minerals for taste.

9.5+ pH

Alkaline foods and beverages are known to counteract the harmful effects of acidity in the diet. At 9.5+ pH, Perfect Hydration can support better hydration and a healthier body and mind.


Perfect Hydration is purified through a proprietary 9-stage filtration and ionization process, then balanced with a unique blend of electrolyte minerals for an incredibly refreshing taste.


Drink the alkaline water your body needs while feeling good about Perfect Hydration’s US-based water sources and commitment to more sustainable materials like BPA-free recycled plastic and aluminum cans.


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