Simply Spiked Peach Variety Pack


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It’s getting juicy with this refreshingly delicious variety pack of Simply Spiked Peach, featuring four fabulous flavors! Signature Peach balances the flavor of a juicy peach with sweet/tart notes​ and 5% ABV. Kiwi Peach features fresh, flavorful kiwi with a sweet peachy and refreshing finish​ and 5% ABV. Strawberry Peach has fresh strawberry character, peach sweetness, a refreshing finish and 5% ABV. Mango Peach is tart, juicy, and mango forward––a tropical escapist’s dream​ with 5% ABV. These refreshing flavored malt beverages are made with 5% real fruit juice that’s squeezed, then concentrated for a fruity taste you’ll love. Perfect for hanging out on the rooftop or grilling in the backyard. Pick up a 12 pack of 12 fl oz cans today and enjoy juicy taste and juicy times!


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